Well-being Team Launches Quarterly Rewards Program

The Well-being Team will launch a Healthy Habits Quarterly Rewards Program in 2021.

Coworkers who complete five different activities during the quarter will be entered into a drawing. Click here to see all the full list of activities for the first quarter of 2021.

Coworkers interested in learning more about the Quarterly Rewards Program can attend a webinar on Wednesday, Jan. 13.

For the 9am webinar, click here.
For the 11am webinar, click here.
For the 3pm webinar, click here.
Coworkers do not need to attend the webinar to participate in the program.

All activities between January-March will revolve around the theme of New Beginnings Bring New Results. Cards for the first quarter participation must be submitted by April 1; a drawing will be held on April 2.

Coworkers can mark the challenges off their activity card as they are completed. Text or email a photo of the completed card to Debbie Staton, Wellness Coordinator, at 501.517.2547 or dstaton@stvincenthealth.com.

Challenges will vary for each quarter. All coworkers can participate in the program.

In addition to the quarterly drawings, all participants will be entered into final drawing at the end of the year.