Your Voice Matters! How to Report a Concern to Corporate Responsibility & Nominate Coworkers for CRP Excellence Award

At CHI St. Vincent, Corporate Responsibility is more than just a concept – it’s a valuable resource and partner that empowers each and every employee to make a meaningful contribution to a vibrant culture of integrity, responsibility, and ethical behavior.

Think of Corporate Responsibility as your trusted guide, helping you navigate the complex laws, policies, and best practices in the healthcare industry. CRP ensures that the organization not only meets legal requirements and industry standards, but also stays true to our ethical principles.

It doesn’t stop there! CRP believes in maintaining a work environment that is safe, ethical,
and engaging. That’s why CRP places a special emphasis on transparency and collaboration.
By fostering open communication, building trust, and encouraging accountability, together we
create a space where everyone’s voices are not only heard, but truly valued.

Let’s embark on this journey of Corporate Responsibility together, making a positive impact and
shaping an environment we can all be proud to be a part of!

There are two components:

First, we have the rock stars who go above and beyond in upholding our Standards and Values
and tackling compliance issues head-on. They deserve a round of applause, please nominate
them for our CRP Excellence Award.

Second, we have another option to engage: the power to report any concerns you stumble
upon. Whether it’s to your supervisor, the Corporate Responsibility Officer (CRO), or our
anonymous hotline, your voice matters! So, if you see something that doesn’t quite sit right,
don’t hesitate to shine a light on it.

Reporting Concerns
Call the reporting hotline number: 1.800.845.4310
File your report using the Internet:

CommonSpirit promotes an environment that encourages all of us to see clarification of issues
and report questions and concerns involving our organization without fear of retaliation. It is our
duty and responsibility to report possible violations of law, our standards, guidelines or policies.
You will be protected from retaliation and intimidation. If you make a good-faith report, complaint
or inquiry. Allegations of retaliation will be promptly investigated and, if supported, will result in
disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from employment or termination of a business
relationship with CommonSpirit. Non-retaliation policies do not protect you if your actions violate
the policies of CommonSpirit or applicable laws.