Cabbage is the Harvest of the Month

Time to toss out the pumpkins and throw some cabbage in your cart at the grocery store! Cabbage season has just begun. The veggie thrives in cold weather.

Try these wholesome cabbage recipes and learn about the benefits of bringing cabbage to your table this season.

Not only will you find cabbage at nearly every grocery store, but it’s also a popular vegetable to grow in a garden. It has high fiber and water content, making it a filling addition to meals.

Did you know a half head of red cabbage contains about 400% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C? Cabbage also contains vitamins and minerals that support a healthy heart, digestive system and strong bones.

You can store your cabbage in the fridge. A whole cabbage can last up to a month, and shredded cabbage is good for about three days in the fridge. Fresh cabbage should have crisp leaves with a mildly sweet scent. There shouldn’t be any slimy or brown spots.

As you prepare your holiday meals, include cabbage not only for flavor, but for a boost of nutrition.