Coworkers Receive Scholarships to Continue Education

Congratulations to the coworkers who received the 2019 Coworker Scholarships. Furthering our education is one way we can improve ourselves. We try to not only provide encouragement to those wishing to do so, but when possible, provide assistance as well.

CHI St. Vincent Nursing Excellence Scholarship Honoring Dr. John C. Jones and Judy Johnson, RN
Kimberly Elliott
Monique Ingram

CHI St. Vincent Infirmary Auxiliary Nursing Excellence Scholarship
Justin Wright

CHI St. Vincent Coworker Scholarships
Jessica Anderson
Brandy Campbell
Marti Favorite
Pamela Keefover
Julie Kern
Yadira Lara-Dugan
Laci Patton
Carol Simmons
Kimberly Stone
Holly Taylor
Sheria Thompson
Alexandra Thompson

Click to see photos of all the scholarship winners: