Vogel Family Awards Scholarships to Coworkers

For more than 40 years, the Vogel Family’s generous donations have funded scholarships for our coworkers. These scholarships allow our coworkers to enhance their education and support our commitment to excellence. 

Vogel Family Nursing Scholarship

Bill Bledsoe                   
Natalie Byars
Carla Kraus
Lyssa Edwards
Renee Fechuch
Ruairi Fox
Sarah Gaines
Kristen Harper
Crystal McKinney
Jennifer Olmstead
ShaQuina Swope

Vogel Family Nursing Scholarship Honoring Dean Kumpuris, M.D.

Jennifer Beagley

Vogel Family Scholarship, BS in Radiology

Tabitha King

Vogel Family Scholarships

Cheyenne Johnston               Meosha Tye
Jennifer Rice                          Jessica Wilson

Vogel Family Radiology Scholarships for Certification

Tiffany Fowlkes                     
Shaun Henderson Wood
Taylor Hensley
Jennifer Tackett

Vogel Family Radiology Student Scholarships

Patrick Otto         
Angelica Stewart
Jordan Toler   
Adaleah Witt
Bailey Webb