Designated Rooms Are Now Open to Take the PCA / Coworker Survey

The PCA / Coworker Survey has begun, and there’s more than one place to take this important survey!

Click here to take the PCA / Coworker Survey.

Throughout the first week of the survey, coworkers can take the survey at their computers or they can visit one of the designated rooms set up at each location and enjoy fun giveaways, games and snacks.

Locations will be:

  • Infirmary: Terrace Room
  • Hot Springs: Dublin Room & Catherine’s Kitchen
  • North: Admin Conference Room
  • Morrilton: Cafeteria
  • Heart Institute and clinics will be set up in the break rooms

Daily prizes will be awarded the first week. Coworkers who take the survey at their computers must snap a photo of the ‘finished survey’ screen or print the screen. Bring the photo or print out to the designated room. 

Once they have shown the photo or print out, they will receive a ticket to be entered into the drawing. Those taking the survey in the designated room will receive a ticket after completing the survey.