The PCA / Coworker Survey is Now Live

Our annual coworker survey—the Performance Culture Assessment—is now open and ready for your feedback.

Click here to take the PCA/Coworker Survey.

Please follow the login instructions carefully and complete the survey by May 27. Your responses and comments will be confidential.

The goal of the survey is to hear your opinions about working here, where we’ve improved and how we could do better. This annual check-in also helps measure progress toward our Living Our Mission Measures, the nine ways we monitor and manage our overall performance.

The survey will take about 20 minutes. Nurses, physicians and providers will have additional questions customized for their role, based on demographic information at the beginning of the survey.

Across CommonSpirit Health, all coworkers will complete a similar survey. Some of the survey questions will ask about elements of the coworker experience at CommonSpirit Health. While most experiences over the past year have been as a part of CHI, these questions are intended to help focus on broader organizational improvements in the future. Leaders will use the survey feedback to align coworker experience goals with our mission and business goals.

All survey responses will be confidential. If you have questions about the PCA survey, please see your HR business partner or PCA coordinator.