Janet Gaines Named Service Hero in Hot Springs

Janet Gaines was recognized as a Service Hero at Hot Springs for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

Janet was nominated by several coworkers after she used her crafting skills to create more than 300 cards for patients who would be in the hospital on Christmas.

Knowing how hard it is to be a patient on any day, she wanted to try to make Christmas Day a little better.” 

Janet spent days working to create the cards using her own time and money. As she created the cards, she prayed for each person who would receive the card.

The nutritional services team placed the cards on each tray on Christmas Day as the meals were delivered.

“Janet made all of those amazing Christmas cards for the patients and is such a kind and caring person. She almost teared up talking about how she hoped the cards would cheer up the people who had to be in the hospital on Christmas Day. 

I know she enjoys her crafting, but I could tell this project meant a lot to her. She is truly a very caring and compassionate person, and I am just so proud to work with her. If we could clone her positive attitude and caring nature the world would be a better place!