Pharmacists Honored with State Recognition

Congratulations to Pharmacy coworkers who were honored during the Arkansas Association of Health-System Pharmacists annual fall seminar.

Meagan Doyle, Pharm.D., was awarded Arkansas New Practitioner of the Year; Annie Lockhart, Pharm.D., was named Arkansas Staff Pharmacist of the Year; and Donna Young, Medication History Tech, was named Arkansas Technician of the Year.

Megan’s nomination noted the positive difference she has made since joining this ministry.

“In her short time in this position, she has made some instrumental changes to both our cardiovascular and pharmacy services. After joining the LVAD Steering Committee, Meagan made such an impact on patient care decisions in our heart failure population that she was asked to play a primary role in the PAH Accreditation Council for the Jack Stephens Heart Institute. Through this role, Meagan will help our hospital and cardiology clinic prepare our programs for the application process as we begin our journey to become a Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) Accredited, Regional Clinical Center for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. “

Annie’s nomination noted that she is known for her meticulous work and making Great Catches.

“She catches more errors and makes more interventions than any of our non-clinical staff.  She leads our four-hospital system in Great Catches (from all departments) for 2018, and she was in the top two in 2017.  She exemplifies a commitment to excellence every single day that she works. …And on top of her unwavering commitment to excellence at CHI St. Vincent, Annie also volunteers as a pharmacist at a local free clinic after work. She is one of the most compassionate women you will ever meet and is well deserving of this award.”

Donna’s nomination pointed out the excellent service she brings to coworkers and patients alike.

“Donna truly exemplifies what it means to be an excellent career technician. She is great about identifying patients that need a pharmacist to intervene on their medication regimens. She reports Near-Miss Medication Errors. She teaches, she knows when to ask questions, she is kind to patients, physicians and nurses. She always shows up on time for each shift, and she is always willing to be flexible with her schedule when asked. And like any great technician, she knows that the little things matter. …We are so lucky to have a technician like Donna at CHI St. Vincent.”