Terri Carman Recognized as Service Hero at Infirmary

Terri Carman was recognized as a Service Hero at the Infirmary for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

Terri was nominated by a coworker after she stepped in to help Radiology Procedures on a particularly busy day.

Due to a scheduling error, only two techs were scheduled to work on a Saturday, instead of four. During the afternoon, the department was inundated with procedures in multiple areas, including OR, fluoroscopy, ED and portables.

Terri was working in her area on another project when she walked through Radiology Procedures and saw they needed help. She immediately stepped in, and being an x-ray tech, she was able to take over helping the Radiologist perform the lumbar puncture in fluoroscopy. This freed up the tech who was able to go to ED and complete the portable procedures that had been waiting.

Terri then stayed to make sure that the department had staffing until the crisis was over. Terri demonstrated tremendous compassion. Not only to help her coworkers but to make sure that the patients were cared for in a timely manner.