Dr. Muhammad Waqas and Michael Leek Recognized as Service Heroes

Dr. Muhammad Waqas, a cardiologist, and Michael Leek, ECMO coordinator, were recognized as Infirmary Service Heroes for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

The pair were honored for traveling to Warren, Ark., to help a bride’s wish come true by allowing her ailing grandfather to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.

Wedding photographer Cindy Hensley Self shared the selfless act on her Facebook page:

“Today I witnessed human kindness at its best. When I was contacted about photographing Lauren & Jonathan Williams’ wedding, I was told Lauren’s grandfather would be walking her down the aisle. They have a special relationship, and it’s obvious when you see them together.

Mr. Robert is very sick, and yesterday he was transported to CHI St. Vincent’s in Little Rock. Mr. Robert’s cardiologist, Dr. Waqas, found out Mr. Robert was supposed to walk Lauren down the aisle today and decided to do something about it. Dr. Waqas along with Michael Leek drove his own vehicle to Warren today so Mr. Robert could walk Lauren down the aisle.

“They were in no hurry and allowed Lauren her special day with her grandfather. I don’t know Dr. Waqas or Michael Leek, but in my mind they have a heart of gold.”