Jimina Long, Cameron Rogers & Trinity Lee Recognized as Infirmary Service Heroes

Jimina Long

Jimina Long, Cameron Rogers and Trinity Lee were recognized as Service Heroes at the Infirmary for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

Jimina, an emergency room technician, and Cameron and Trinity, who both work in transport, were nominated by two ER doctors who credit the trio’s quick action with saving a woman’s life.

A patient from the 3rd floor was coming back from radiology and was at the elevators with Cameron and Trinity. At that moment, Jimina came down the elevator. Trinity and Cameron noticed their patient was not breathing and asked for Jimina’s help.

Trinity Lee

Jimina quickly assessed that the patient was unconscious and not breathing. She started chest compressions and instructed the transporters to call the operator so they could activate a code blue. Unfortunately, the wall phone was not working, so they used their cell phones.

The call to the operator did not go through, so Jimina called our charge nurse Laura to activate the code blue and get everyone to the West elevators. Once help arrived, they brought the patient to the ER, and with everyone’s help, she survived her cardiac arrest.

They acted with focus and determination and knew the critical steps to save this woman’s life. I think this is extraordinary and deserves recognition.