Earn $50 When You Have a Preventive Screening (Earning Opportunity)

Want to live a long and healthy life? Make preventive care part of your health care habits and earn $50 in wellness dollars per exam (up to 6 per year).

Earning wellness dollars for each preventive exam is easy. Simply schedule your exam and be sure to take your Preventive Health Screening form with you to the doctor’s office. Submit a form for each exam – up to a maximum of six submissions per program year.

Download the printable form now for your Preventive Screening
*Your Preventive Screening Form should be downloaded from your own wellness website account. Your form includes a unique Member ID that is used to make sure you receive your wellness dollars

Upload the signed preventive screening form on the Wellbeing Website under the Preventive Health tab or fax the form to 866.812.5576.

The list of preventive exams includes: 
●       Pap/HPV Test
●     Mammogram 
●       Colorectal Cancer Exam
●       PSA Test
●       Skin Exam
●       CT Lung Scan
●       Primary Care/Annual Wellness Visit
●       Vision Exam
●       Dental Exam
●       CHI CIN Coaching Visit