We Added Over 300 New Coworkers in July and August

Our ministry continues to grow!

In July and August, we hired 316 new coworkers and 140 of them were registered nurses.

  • July: 160 new coworkers; 74 were RNS
  • August: 156 new coworkers; 66 were RNs

We want to show humankindness to the newest members of our ministry. You can help by lending a hand.

Look for stickers with a helping hand on the badge of our new team members.

You can support our new team members by:

  • Introducing yourself
  • Reminding them you’re glad they’re part of our team
  • Letting them know you’re here to support them
  • Practicing patience: they’re still learning the ropes
  • Asking if you can answer any questions or help in any way
  • Assisting with wayfinding
  • Inviting new team members out for coffee or lunch